Coaching Testimonials

Coaching on Team Believe is really an amazing gift that I’ve been provided!! To be able to help people each and every day is so fulfilling, especially since my full time job is the complete opposite. Beachbody allows me the balance to be able to give back and share healthy living with others, which truly is my passion. Plus, it keeps me focused on my fitness and health goals! AND there’s a little extra spending cash each week! How can you beat that?! Paid for what you love while helping others! Anyone can coach, so long as you are on your fitness journey. The team works together so you have support and motivation from us! Love Team Believe!
~ Lisa C.

Back in June I decided to take a chance and become a Team Beachbody coach. I was really loving my workouts and thought, “why not share my passion with others?” Hands down, one the BEST decisions I have ever made! So I just wanted to take a moment to thank Sarah Milligan and Dave Milligan for making me see that “I’ve got this” as well as my entire #TeamBelieve family!!
~ Laura S.

This is the only job in my 43 years I’ve actually wanted to work on before my daughter is asleep (good sign). Seriously, you are already changing my life, no joke, this is my dream. Work, no drama, fun, and unlimited upside – who could complain?? I seriously have been meditating on this…how can I unify my love of fitness with my life and career. Months of faith. And not about the money, just about doing good work. This is my life, now it can be my job!
~ Jennifer S.

Sarah Milligan inspires me the most for several reasons. She is constantly checking in with everyone to see if we’re understanding the material, or just how your our day is going! I can tell she makes her customers a priority everyday, which is super important because she’s making a difference in their lives. She finds balance between running her coaching business and spending quality time with her family. And, I feel that she wants everyone to be successful for their own benefit and happiness. This means a lot because a lot of people just worry about themselves, so showing concern for others’ happiness these days is huge!
~ Amelia W.

She is our FEARLESS leader! She has overcome many obstacles, gotten out of her comfort zone and watched the magic happen. Sarah, I think I speak for the whole team when I say THANK YOU! Thank you for believing in yourself and making your dreams a reality. Thank for for believing in all of us and helping us acheive our goals as you achieve yours. What started out as you not wanting to go back to teaching so you could be home with the kids has become SO MUCH more. Blessed to be on the journey with you!
~ Michelle B.

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