I am forever changed by my reading from Sarah. Sarah read for me in Lily Dale, NY in October and brought through a family member that I had never connected with. What made this reading so special is the complexity of the relationship with this person and Sarah put it together in a way I could easily identify who this was. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind she was connecting directly with spirit! I was moved to tears. Sarah is also one of the kindest people I have ever met. I highly recommend her as a medium!
~ Psychic Medium Amy Utsman

Thank you for that beautiful and very affirming reading last night. I really needed to hear it. You really have a gift. You gave the reading with your entire self and all your senses. Bruce was old-fashioned and would have proposed on one knee like that. Spot on and well done! I think your messages and readings are insightful and genuine and I think you are truly gifted. Out of everyone I’ve heard read, and I mean everyone from everywhere, your readings are golden. I would sit for you in a heartbeat.
~ Rita LaVoie, Psychic Medium & Spiritual Teacher

I can’t thank you enough for last night. You got my father so spot on I can’t even explain. Even my mother was blown away. When you spoke to her she remained quiet because she was embarrassed but later told me how much you said hit home more than you know. I am filled with love today. I can still feel him. You not only brought his words but you brought his essence. I felt it and still do. You are an earth angel. I am so grateful Sarah. You are changing the world, one person at a time. Sending so much love. You glow!!!!!!  ~Tara, NJ

Sarah is a very gifted medium. Not only does she relate specific information about the departed, she also is able to communicate the healing messages they have with great accuracy. Her demeanor is very caring and supportive, and she puts her clients at ease. A reading with Sarah has the potential to bring a lot of healing for both the living and the departed.  ~Beth, TX

I just wanted to give accolades to Sarah Milligan. I had an “advanced energy healing with psychic impressions” session with her and was blown away by the accuracy of what she picked up on through spirit. I mean, spot on!!! Health issues, personal/work goals and aspirations, spiritual journey doubts, and to boot, my Uncle (the first to ever “come through” for me) popped in to validate it all. All in amazing specifics. Additionally, the energy and healing I felt was intense. HIGHLY recommend Sarah! Feeling inspired! 😊💖  Elana, NJ

I recently had the pleasure of meeting with Sarah for spiritual counseling. I first discussed with Sarah the appropriate type of service I needed at this time and, although unsure about what spiritual counseling would be, I found it to be enlightening and to provide me with specific steps I could take to change a situation that I was finding very painful. Sarah is both talented and conscientious. Her sense of caring and desire to do as much as she can to relay messages and information is highly evident in her work. I have recommended Sarah to many and will continue to do so. Many thanks, Sarah for using your talents and big heart to aid in my healing!     ~Lisa, NJ 

I went to Sarah to help me with chronic leg pain and some emotional TLC. She eased the pains in my legs and calmed my mind. Sarah has a natural gift for healing. She has the ability to pick up both the emotional and physical blockages we bear as human beings. I highly recommend Sarah. She is a gift from God.     ~ Diane, NYC

Sarah is amazing! During our session together, Sarah was able to share messages from four different loved ones on the other side. While all four family members (two uncles, an aunt and a cousin) had very different personalities, the general messaging was clear and consistent – life and love continue on the other side. Additionally, my reading with Sarah provided two key opportunities for my family members; both for those here with me, as well as those who have crossed over. For those here with me, I could see the joy in their eyes when they learned that there is so much more beyond this physical dimension and that family who suffered with sickness were now in a happier place. For those who have passed, I was thrilled to be able to carry their message, and in some cases help them continue their healing, as I was a conduit to help them give closure to some matters. All made possible through Sarah’s willingness to share her special gift with others. Thank you, Sarah! You’re truly a being of light and love!      ~ Andrew, NYC

I cannot express my appreciation for the reading you did for me. I continue re-reading it as it brings me happiness and a sense of comfort. The message from my guides was right on target as well as my Grandfather and father coming through. Your reading provided validation and empowered me to get back to enjoying the pleasures in life. It was food for my soul and a little bit of medicine I needed right now from above. I would be honored to have additional readings with you and know I will be utilizing this gift you have in the future! Forever grateful.     ~Marisa P., SC

Thank you, Sarah, for the reading you did for me. I was amazed at how many vivid details you received from the other side. Thank you for helping me communicate with my grandfather. I always had a feeling he was around me often, but your examples confirmed it! I felt so completely comfortable and at peace and I look forward to having a longer reading with you in the future.     ~Terri, NJ

Sarah has the hands of an angel. I felt amazing after our reiki session together. I would highly recommend Sarah!     ~ Nicole, NJ

Sarah, Thank you so much for all your positive energy. Since I started the Reiki sessions with you I can not believe how much better I feel. I came to you tired, drained emotionally and physically, and full of a lot of anger about so many different things. Every session left me feeling more clear, light-hearted and positive. Thank you so very much and I look forward to continuing on a regular basis. Also, thank you for always fitting me into your very busy schedule and making it convenient for me. I appreciate that a lot.     ~ Monika, NJ

2 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Hi Sarah:

    Thank you for the wonderful healing session! You were able to raise my vibration levels, recalibrate my energy field, and the flu symptoms were able to move on! It was my first experience with sound healing. Your quartz crystal bowl sounds reverberated in every cell of my body, and continued long past the session. The sounds, coupled with oils and the Reiki treatment, straightened me right out and firmly put me on the path to recovery!

    I was raving about the sound healing and was thrilled that on Mother’s Day, my daughter gave me a beautiful red/orange bowl, note C, for my root chakra. I may need a lesson on how to activate its full power!

    Keep up your good works. You are an inspiration!



  2. I attended a group reading in Westfield, NJ that Sarah gave in January, 2018 as a guest of a friend who had been to other group readings she gave in the past. I had watched “Long Island Medium” with Theresa Capito and “Hollywood Medium” with Tyler Henry – I found them entertaining but was somewhat skeptical of their true abilities to connect with our deceased loved ones. I was generally intrigued and went with an open mind. Sarah seemed very nice and she gave readings to 3 other people which I found intriguing. And then, what happened next, was truly a life changing moment as she brought through the spirit of my deceased mother! She described her physical appearance, how she passed and even conveyed her complete first name. I told her that was my mother and she came up to where I was sitting and continued to give accurate information and messages that were clearly coming from my mother. I left there a believer!


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