“Spiritual direction is the art of assisting a person in articulating a truth that is already bubbling up within them, longing to be realized. The spirit within you always moves you toward reconciliation, healing, wisdom, courage, and love.”   – Caroline Myss

Private readings are available at my center in Sandwich, MA or on phone and Zoom. Westfield, NJ appointments available a few times per year, please check the schedule or email Lois James to be put on the NJ list. Client feedback and reflections are below.

Life Path/Psychic Reading

A psychic reading is guidance about your life path, to help you see your current situation and possible outcomes more clearly, and connect you with your Higher Self. You will have an opportunity to ask questions as well. (This is not spirit communication with loved ones.)

Mediumship Reading

Using all of her senses Sarah will connect with your loved ones in spirit and provide validations and messages from them in an honest and heartfelt reading. (**An energy healing session can help with grief as it connects you back with your true nature as an eternal spirit.)

Spirit and Psychic Hybrid Reading

A combination of half Mediumship and half Life Path Reading.


* 24 hour notice is required if you need to reschedule your reading. Without 24 hour notice, full session fee will be charged. Thank you!

Group Mediumship Galleries

Small Groups

  • For up to 6 people at your home or Sarah’s Rainbow Room in Sandwich, MA
  • Each guest will receive a reading
  • For a group at the Rainbow Room, $750 flat rate for up to 6 people
  • For a group at your home, please email Lois James for a quote
  • Sarah will channel messages for approximately 1.5 hours
  • These are beautiful, healing events to experience with friends and family.

Large Groups

  • For up to 10 people in Sandwich, MA, $750 flat rate
  • For a group greater than 10, $750 flat rate plus $60 for each additional person over 10
  • For groups outside of Sandwich, MA, please email Lois James for a quote.
  • Sarah channels messages from loved ones for 1.5 hours
  • Not everyone will receive a reading, Sarah will give as many messages as possible to the group.

If you are out of the area or would like to host an event outside Sandwich, MA, please contact Lois James for a quote. Please include location and number of people.

Payment Policy: $300 is due to confirm your group event and hold the date. The balance is due the day before your event.  

* If Sarah must cancel an appearance, group will be given the next available date for rescheduling. 

Sarah demonstrating mediumship with her mentor, Lisa Williams, at The Ridge Club in Sandwich, MA. 

Client Reflections

“I was unwittingly directed to Sarah through an email I received from a local yoga studio. Interestingly I wasn’t a member of the studio and at the time I thought it odd that it had been sent to me (since then I realize that I was being directed to her.) Sarah was holding an Evening with Spirit at the studio, a group event where she communicated with loved ones who had passed. I had recently suffered the devastating loss of my soulmate. I was at a loss as to how to continue without the person I had loved so dearly for more than 30 years. After much hesitation I signed up for the evening, and it turned out to be a turning point for me. Sarah is a loving, highly evolved soul who can truly help you connect with loved ones who have passed and also with your spirit guides to help you on your path. I recently joined one of Sarah‘s Spirit Healing Circles. It is a remarkable experience and one that’s difficult to explain in words but it’s highly recommended to all who are looking for spiritual healing and growth. We are all on a path to spiritual growth and enlightenment. Sarah has been the vehicle through which I am beginning to see my purpose. I am so grateful to her.”  ~ Jackie B., New Jersey, 2022

“I am forever changed by my reading from Sarah. Sarah read for me in Lily Dale, NY in October and brought through a family member that I had never connected with. What made this reading so special is the complexity of the relationship with this person and Sarah put it together in a way I could easily identify who this was. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind she was connecting directly with spirit! I was moved to tears. Sarah is also one of the kindest people I have ever met. I highly recommend her as a medium!”
~ Psychic Medium Amy Utsman

“In this line of work, integrity and humbleness are very important to me when I have a reading. The information that Sarah gave me was very specific and detailed. I was given hopeful messages and practical guidance. I felt very blessed and long awaited healing started to flow. She is pure and ethical in service. I have trained and worked with many psychic/mediums. Sarah is first class but she would never say that. She would give spirit and her guides credit. In one hour, I felt my energy shift. Hope and love enveloped me. I am sure this and similar experiences are felt by her other clients. I was told she is the real deal by my friend Beth, a gifted medium herself. No better words can describe this earth angel.”  – Leona Kardux, NJ

“Thank you for that beautiful and very affirming reading last night. I really needed to hear it. You really have a gift. You gave the reading with your entire self and all your senses. Bruce was old-fashioned and would have proposed on one knee like that. Spot on and well done! I think your messages and readings are insightful and genuine and I think you are truly gifted. Out of everyone I’ve heard read, and I mean everyone from everywhere, your readings are golden. I would sit for you in a heartbeat.”
~ Rita LaVoie, Psychic Medium & Spiritual Teacher

“I can’t thank you enough for last night. You got my father so spot on I can’t even explain. Even my mother was blown away. When you spoke to her she remained quiet, but later told me how much you said hit home more than you know. I am filled with love today. I can still feel him. You not only brought his words but you brought his essence. I felt it and still do. You are an earth angel. I am so grateful Sarah. You are changing the world, one person at a time. Sending so much love. You glow!!!”  ~Tara, NJ

“Sarah is the real deal. She has helped me immensely through the passings of my parents, and gave information that was so specific and spot on, it helped me enormously in the grieving process. There is a wholesome goodness about Sarah, you can feel that energy as soon as you meet her. I am so thankful to have met her – if you are at all interested in any of her services, don’t hesitate!” – Karen Schulhafer, NJ

“I had a reading with Sarah and it was so utterly phenomenal and moving that I decided to take her class to look further into my own intuitive abilities. I have had multiple psychic readings before, but there was always one huge barrier to really feeling connected to them – ego. With Sarah there is a wholesome humbleness that comes through. She does not seek to be famous. She does not want immediate gratification and verification for the information she gives you. She does not need to feel overly important or like she’s the “best” one out there. True psychic/medium abilities are an amazing-to-behold gift from our higher power. Sarah is concerned with using her gift to truly help and heal people, and to make a sustainable difference in their lives. I am so fortunate to have met Sarah and am even more so to now be learning from her in a way that has shown some distinct and wonderful light onto my own life. If you are on the fence about booking a reading or taking a class, do it. Don’t look back and don’t be frightened of the process. Sarah’s gentle soul will put you at ease at once!”  – Heather Posey, GA

“I cannot express my appreciation for the reading you did for me. I continue re-listening to it as it brings me happiness and a sense of comfort. The message from my guides was right on target as well as my Grandfather and father coming through. Your reading provided validation and empowered me to get back to enjoying the pleasures in life. It was food for my soul and a little bit of medicine I needed right now from above. I would be honored to have additional readings with you and know I will be utilizing this gift you have in the future! Forever grateful.”  ~Marisa, SC

“My wife and soulmate passed away suddenly shortly after we moved to a new city for work. Finding myself completely alone without the light of my life I wanted to do nothing else but join her. Through the grace of a higher power I was led to Sarah by a family member in another city. Sarah knew nothing about me and we live in different parts of the country. Her first message to me from my wife (who showed up immediately) was, “It’s not your time, it’s not your time.” I was so speechless and brought to tears, as I am now writing this review. The rest of the messages and conversations of the reading were so emotional and heartfelt coming straight from my wife. This experience taught me a lot and has opened me up to spirit. So much so that I have enrolled and continue taking classes with Sarah, which have helped me spiritually, emotionally, and to build a stronger connection with my wife and soulmate. Sarah brought me from a stranger she never knew who wanted to die, with a deceased wife she never met, to a man who now understands much more about the spirit world, has a deep connection with his wife in spirit, and who has become a better person along the journey. Sarah is a kind, loving, educated, well spoken woman. She treats a stranger with such care and respect. She will deliver your messages as she receives them and will listen to your validations with a beautiful kind heart. I will say it always amazes me how she does it and the way she reads with truth and honesty is beautiful. I know this is a long review, but there is no short version. If by some chance you have any doubt, just watch some of her live readings that she does for the public volunteering her time to help bring comfort to those who have lost loved ones.”  – Brian Fleishman, TX

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are available on the scheduling page.