Sea Spirit Healing Circle

Join us for healing with Spirit!

The Rainbow Room, Sandwich, MA

The Sea Spirit Healing Circle is now public! We can’t wait to welcome you to the Rainbow Room in Sandwich, MA for this healing experience with spirit!

Sea Spirit Healing Circles

Join us for healing with spirit – with your loved ones, spirit guides, ascended masters and angels. The spirit team guides your loved ones in to visit and administers healing for your highest good, whether it be mental, emotional, spiritual and/or physical. It is difficult to describe the experience of receiving healing in this circle, but we have witnessed beautiful and powerful healings for people when no other approach has helped. Everyone in the room experiences spirit in a physical way.If you or someone you know is in need of healing, please reach out to Lois at to book the next available circle. They will last about 1.5 hours. Everyone attending will receive healing during the circle.

Donation: $150 per person 8-9 people max per circle
Once a date is booked, and you have confirmed by sending Venmo to @sarahmilligan77, you will be emailed covid precautions, waiver and things to do to prepare for circle.
Please reach out to Lois with any questions!

We look forward to seeing you! 

~The Sea Spirit Healing Circle ~



Modern medicine replaced my heart valve…the Sea Spirit Healing Circle gave me my life back.

It is nearly impossible for me to put into words, though I will try my best, how my healing session took me from fear of not knowing if I was going to make it to starting my healing journey all within hours of leaving the healing circle arranged for me. I am writing this because anyone that may have fear around health issues or mental/emotional challenges needs to know there is hope in a way that they may have never imagined.

I had open heart surgery in August and ended up in the hospital two additional times within the month with severe complications. I had fluid around my heart, in both lungs, severe inflammation in my lung, and pneumonia. After getting 3 1/2 liters of fluid drained from one lung and 2 1/2 from the other I left the hospital on a Wednesday and felt I was continually declining and in fear. 

After speaking with Sarah on Friday 9/3 and her hearing how ill I continued to be she immediately spoke with Leah and they held the space for the healing circle the next morning. It was nearly impossible for me to get out of bed but I knew I had no choice. 

The session was two fold. It was healing through spirit guides, healing guides and the spirit team that works with Sarah’s circle AND a different kind of healing in which I got to communicate and feel the energy of my loved ones that have passed on to spirit.

After empowering open communication with spirits and loved ones that have passed away (yes I know it may be beyond comprehension, but it is true) and literally having them answer the questions I asked, the spirit team joined together to heal me, as well as had Sarah and Leah work on me at the same time. I felt spirit’s energetic vibration as if they were physically in front of me working on me. Not only did this happen but I learned about who my guardian angel was as I knew I had one when my doctor, out of nowhere, said that she noticed I had an echocardiogram in 2014 and we should follow up on it and do another one. If I had not gotten the echo, I was told that within a year I would have died. I wondered who my angel was that got the doctor to order the test and when it was confirmed during my healing that her name was Alexandria I began to cry. I asked her directly and she confirmed through the table used to communicate. I know this all may be hard to believe but it is true.  

Beyond the healing guides, my Dad came through and literally came over to me with the table and snuggled in to dance as we had during the song that we danced to at my wedding. Unbelievable? Yes….BUT true? YES!

I left the session feeling the energy so intensely that I spent the rest of the day lying on the couch in comfortable silence. I felt so peaceful with the energy flowing through me that I could not, nor did I, want to move. I went to bed and the next day woke up and felt like a new person! To think I was on the phone with my surgeon’s office on Friday and they had me monitoring my symptoms for another 24 hours before deciding if I had to go back into the hospital for a third time, to waking up on Sunday feeling so strong, was a true miracle to me. My symptoms started to dissipate, I could breathe without pain, I could stand up without feeling faint, I could walk into the other room without being completely winded, I was not coughing in pain, and finally felt for the first time since my surgery that I was not declining but truly on my path to healing. Three days after the healing circle I took my first walk outside in over a month, and six days later I went to the beach for five hours, had dinner with a friend and watched a movie! Truly amazing considering where I was just 7 days prior. 

If it were not for Sarah listening to spirit and inviting me to a healing circle, I do not know where I would be today. 

My husband is not as spiritual as I am by any measure and he left the room speechless. He said unless he had witnessed what took place during the circle and the miraculous effects after the circle throughout the week, he would never have believed it.  

So, for every person spiritual or not that is experiencing or has a loved one experiencing health issues or mental/emotional challenges, I cannot urge you enough to book a healing circle with Sarah. I am no longer scared for my life  and am eternally grateful for the spirit team, and for Sarah and Leah for holding the space for my life altering healing. The circle does this by donation only, and no price could possibly be put on the gift I was given! 

Sarah, I could never thank you and your team enough for restoring life to me, you are a true blessing to this world!”

Julie S., Mashpee, MA, 9.4.2021

An ordinary day turns into an Extraordinary Experience with a wondrous healing!
My husband and I were invited to “sit table for healing.” We had never heard of ‘sitting table’
nor understood what it actually meant. I gladly accepted the invitation, as a dear friend of mine, who was a channel for St. Germain, had suddenly passed away the week prior.

So, any possibility of connecting to my friend would be a great gift. On the other hand, my husband did not want to go at all. He was quite resistant and when I shared with him that he didn’t ‘have’ to go, but then he would have to call Sarah to cancel, he didn’t like that option either, so, off we went.

When we arrived two of our friends were already there and upon meeting Sarah we both felt a kindred spirit and settled right in. Sarah explained the process and the ‘unknown’ that my husband resisted, dissipated and he became fully open to the experience. Sarah shared that ‘Healing’ is always the intent of the work and after her opening prayers for healing, guidance and light we were both excited to begin.

For the past four months my husband had been suffering from severe sciatica. His lifestyle went from a vibrant life of working, golfing, exercising, walking, and going to the beach, to using an upside down golf club for a cane, he could barely walk and the pain was 24/7. Everyday he would say, I just want to wake up with no pain!

During the four months, he was seeing a chiropractor and a medical doctor, but any slight relief was fleeting. He could no longer golf, no longer walk on the beach, nor exercise. Some days he could barely get out of bed.

We sat table for healing and Sarah started playing music. The room was filled with such joy as we sang our “hearts out!” Family members in spirit began to ‘show’ themselves and the table began to move and dance with the songs. At one point the table nuzzled itself up to one of our friends and stopped moving. Sarah explained that when this occurs a healing is taking place. We all respectfully witnessed and added our energies to the healing. When completed the table began to dance again and my mother showed up. I was elated as she brought us so much joy and laughter. 

When a song played that I picked for my friend Sara who recently passed, she immediately came to table. Sara and I were colleagues in the Healing Arts, so I asked her for her assistance in helping George, who was also very close to her.
The table immediately snuggled up to George’s torso, and we knew a healing was taking place. Sarah told us, our friend Sara was in front of George and a very tall male stood behind him, with two other male guides offering healing. It seemed as if time stood still, although, in reality it was probably a couple of minutes. I was so grateful knowing my friend Sara was already busy at work performing healings in spirit and that she, with Sarah, so graciously offered a healing to my husband. Sitting for the Rainbow Connection Healing Circle was a grand experience, filled with love, joy, light and most important the healings that we all received.

The next morning when my husband got up, he felt less pain than in four months. We knew it was from the healing the day before. He was on the road to recovery and with each passing day the pain lessened. In a very short time, he started to golf again, go to the beach and even went for walks. He now wakes up every morning with NO PAIN!

Each day we thank Sarah, Sara, and the three guides who were all a grand part of George’s healing. We are eternally grateful. Thank you, Sarah!”

Joan & George M., Juno Beach, FL, 6.23.2021

For 66 years I have been carrying a massive, secret weight. My Dad passed away when I was 11 and there were things I needed to say, and hear, to and from him that has never been said. Until I met Sarah and reluctantly, a little cynically, I took part in a healing session at the Rainbow Room. It was there my life changed. I got to share (by reading in my mind a letter I wrote him) with my Dad my burden and he got to say to me I needed to let it go and why. Saying I felt relief is an understatement. I have happiness in a part of my heart that only knew sadness. My hope now is to help get others like me to her and her sessions. If only you knew relief is just a Sunday away!”

Tom S., Mashpee, MA, 9.12.2021

The Sea Spirit Healing Circle is an experience like no other. It is truly something you have to experience because it is so hard to put into words. I have attended the Sea Spirit Circle for a few years now. Everytime is simply breathtaking and so incredibly different. Not only do you receive healing messages from your loved ones, which make you feel healed, but everyone else in the room does as well. You receive love, light, and healing from each loved one that enters the circle. Sarah has an amazing connection with each loved one and all of her guides which takes the experience to the next level. When her guides are in the room, you know it! It is a different kind of energy that instantly puts you at ease. The healing throughout the entire experience just overcomes you. Everyone feels it in a different way, but EVERYONE FEELS IT. When you leave the Circle, you feel like you are on an energy high. You are happy, relieved, healed, and loved. This sense of healing, love, and happiness stays with you for some time. You leave knowing that you were a part of not only your healing journey, but everyone else’s in the room. I go to the Circle with my Mom everytime Sarah is in New Jersey. The sense of healing and love that it brings to me is grounding and priceless. It helps me live a more positive & loving life. I encourage everyone to be a part of this beautiful miracle on Earth at least once.”

Katelyn S., New Jersey, 9.13.2021