The Rainbow Connection


The Rainbow Connection (formerly The Neverland Circle) is a physical mediumship circle dedicated to healing. Join us for healing with Spirit in a sacred circle as you reconnect with your inner child and magic! Anything is possible!

Requirements: an open heart, open mind, and ready to laugh from all the high vibes! The more love and good energy you bring, the higher the energy goes which makes it easier for Spirit to manifest!

What is a Physical Mediumship Healing Circle? 
Spirit manipulates energies to form physical manifestations such as table movement, spelling of their names or messages, transfiguration (the medium takes on the appearance of a spirit person), spirit lights, taps or knocks, table hugs, and even spirit voice is starting to be heard!
Our intention, along with our Spirit Team’s, is that these physical manifestations of Spirit be for healing. Everyone who walks into the room receives healing on a physical, emotional or spiritual level. We have loved ones, spirit guides and even angels visit our circles. What happens on any given night is completely up to the Spirit Team, but it is always full of love and laughter!
(Not everyone is guaranteed a personal message, the Spirit Team directs the evening’s happenings.)

If you would like to join us for a MAGICAL evening, please email Lois @ Please check upcoming dates in the Rainbow Connection Facebook Group.

** Directions will be emailed to Sandwich, MA or Westfield, NJ location after you register.

If you would like to book a private healing circle for your friends and family, please email Lois @ with subject ‘Rainbow Connection’ for more info.

Looking forward to sharing the love! ❤️

What others are saying…

“After being prompted by spirit to join the Neverland Circle at 3am I registered, uncertain what the experience would be like. I do consider myself sensitive to spirit energies and over the years I’ve had significant readings and experiences … but nothing was as powerful as this circle!!! I hoped for healing of a particular issue and as spirit made its way to me, the table tipped to actually massage my abdomen in the exact spot I was feeling discomfort… and it didn’t let up until Sarah was able to give me all the messages she was channeling on spirit’s behalf. I even think she too was amazed… as were all the people in the group!!! An amazing LOVE fest!!! Thank you Sarah and Leah❣️”     – Suzanne, MA

“Last night we flew to Neverland with high vibrations, positive energy, & healing thoughts. 🙌 Not only were we were able to connect with loved ones and heal one another, but we were able to hear voice! 😯 It was one of the most memorable healing circles I have ever been to. Thank you Sarah for channeling spirit so genuinely & lovingly. I am so happy our paths crossed 4 years ago! 💫 I am still buzzing with high vibrations and feeling spiritually & emotionally healed. I’m stronger than ever and ready to take on 2019 with so much love, strength, & positivity!”     – Kate, NJ 

“Thank you to Sarah, Leah, and everyone for helping open my mind and body even more to the spirits on the other side. I’m so grateful for your combined energies allowing me to speak to my mom and to know that she is always there watching over me. What a beautiful, beautiful experience. Again THANK YOU ”     – Jarod, MA

“What a fantastic experience, life changing! Thank you Sarah Milligan and Leah! And thank you spirit for our healing!”     – Laura, MA

“Sarah Milligan thank you very much for a blessed evening. I still can’t get over the hug. The most beautiful, comforting, wrap around love hug from spirit. Holy healing!”              – Rachel, MA

“I think that was THE most amazing experience of my entire life.”    – Laura, MA

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