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Opening of Sacred Spirit – Cape Cod

My Cape Cod, MA office is located in Deer Crossing just past Mashpee Commons on Falmouth Rd in Mashpee. Please join the CC Meetup website to stay posted on upcoming events in MA.


August 11th: An Evening of Spirit Communication with Sarah (Cape Cod), 7-8:30pm

Join Sarah for an evening of messages from your loved ones on the Other Side.

20 seats available. Please get your TICKETS early!



I don’t live near MA or NJ – can I still have a reading with you? 

Yes! I am available for phone readings and these appointments can be scheduled sooner. You can schedule psychic readings, mediumship readings, or spiritual counseling via phone. Your loved ones can chat with me while you are on the other side of the world. There is no difference in the information received or quality of the reading. Many clients prefer the phone for the comfort of staying at home.

Can you come to my house for a group reading?

Yes! I travel to do psychic or mediumship group readings both in MA and out of state. More information can be found under Readings & Counseling.


Join me and my Team Believe coaches for a 30 day Mind, Body, Soul Circle. This will take place online in a private community with me as your coach and motivator! We will work to shed limiting beliefs, center ourselves in guided meditations and put our health first with a customized nutrition and fitness plan to meet your needs. To join us, please fill out this questionnaire and I will be in touch asap!

Namaste from my little one:

Have a BEAUTIFUL week and remember to take care of yourselves too!



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