Why not YOU?


3 years ago I didn’t like where I was. I loved that I had just had my little girl, but we were struggling to keep me home and I knew I had to go back to teaching. I went to see a daycare in anticipation of starting to teach again that Fall. I imagined my little girl who I prayed so hard for spending her days there…the little girl who so beautifully showed up one month after a loss. I left the daycare sobbing. Not because it was a horrible place, but because my heart yearned to be with this little girl I prayed over and asked to come to us so we could be together…and now I was going to have to leave her??? Someone else would have the chance to be with her 7 hours a day and not me??? It didn’t sit right in my soul. Not ONE BIT…


Around the same time I considered going back to teaching, I was in a virtual fitness group to lose the baby weight. I loved the support and motivation it provided to stick with my goals. I lost 22 lbs and 21″ during my 6 week program. My coach asked if I would be interested in coaching and I had every objection in the book… (We are the only ones who stand in our way…)
❌ I am NOT at my goal weight and do not have a 6 pack!
✅ You don’t have to be!! We’re all on a journey and it doesn’t matter where you are are long as your actions inspire others!
❌ I cannot sell a THING to save my life!
✅ Share your journey to inspire people – don’t sell!
❌ I don’t have time with 4 kids under 7!
✅ If you want something badly enough, you’ll make time.
❌ I don’t know enough people.
✅ Personal development – get out there and talk to people!! Help!!

Despite my hesitations, I saw how well it worked, how much the group changed my life and helped me feel good again after having 4 kids, and I wanted that for others. So I dove in (after making Dave watch all the info videos to make sure it was legit! Ha!). I started helping people feel good again, lose weight, get off medications, get stronger and learn how to eat for a long, healthy life! It was pretty awesome.

A couple months in and somehow I went from not contributing financially to the family at all to making over $1000/month just for helping people and having fun with my team! Ok…what if I could do this instead of go back to teaching?!! It was the answer – it was my answer, our answer – to our hope for our family to have me home. I set some huge goals and sure, I usually missed the date I wanted to reach it, but I got there and worked HARD. In 6 months I was earning enough to replace my teaching income minus daycare costs!

We made the decision I could stay home now and my salary would only increase and knowing it was a reflection of how many people I helped meant so much to me. My soul wanted to do something with my life that changed lives and supported people on their journey to wellness.

3 years ago I almost went the “safe” route and back to teaching. I’m so glad I bet on myself. I’m so thankful to the mentors who showed me what was possible!!! I’m so grateful I listened to a deeper calling in my soul to do work that not only changes lives, but allows me the freedom to be with my family and friends more. I am so in awe that through this journey with coaching it allowed me to open a wellness center and now another one on Cape Cod so I can continue healing work. Just wow, universe – and thank you!

I am grateful for coaching coming into my life and shifting all of our beliefs at the time. For allowing me so many precious moments home with my girl and the boys. 💕🙏🏻❤️ For allowing so many beautiful things to come from the journey over the last 3 years. And if I share this with you, it’s because I think you’re awesome and it just might change your life. It’s my job to share it and find the people who want to create a life of freedom and Who want to fit work around life, not life around work.

I would love to help you too. What is your WHY? Do you want this too? I’m looking for just a few women to mentor in May – just 3. One on one training, support, and I will show you exactly what I did to change our lives. Just send me an email. 💜


S a r a h

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